Qveyor Inspection Station is an integrated digital microscope system for inspections and measurements within production and quality control environments.

The system offers great flexibility with a free standing X,Y,Z gantry system and fast live image display in Full HD (1080p) resolution of 60fps. Intuitive software interface simplifies operation and control of the system. Image enhancement functions and contrast ensure optimal image results. While easy to use illumina -tion optimisation features make controlling the integrated segmented LED ring light effortless. It has a robust cleanroom friendly design with high specification bearing slides which provide ease of movement.

The Inspection Station is designed to be easily set up, standalone, over conveyor systems or workstations. Alternativly it can be integrated as a bespoke project to each customers requirements.


- Process visual inspection of component parts
- Final QC release inspection
- Standardisation and control of inspection processes
- Documentation of inspection process


The Microscopes technology tracks and adjusts to zoom changes, which elimates time-consuming re-calibrations. The system continually maintains calibration, saving time and increasing efficiency. The on-screen pre-set buttons allows quick access to pre-configured part-specific systems settings. This enables simple operation.


- 2D point-to-point line measurements and annotations can be captured on images for quick referencing.
- On-screen overlays enable the go/no-go rapid inspection of samples.
- Rapidly check parts against customised overlays with tolerance limits.
- User Privileges offer control of system-related operations to ensure stan -dardised inspection. This will ensure operators only have access to the pre-sets and system settings required for their process, removing operational error.
- Complete interchangeable illumination options and a one-click autofocus on-screen indicator.
- Image Stamping with time, date, user and magnification level for traceability throughout your inspection process.
- Easy documentation & traceability for accurate quality control records using image capture to USB key.

Technical Specifications

Zoom Range (with supplied +5 lens)
Image Capture
Monitor Connections
Monitor Requirements
Working Area

Technical Specifications

2.5x – 122x
1920 x 1080 Resolution 60fps
Internal Image Capture 16gb. Optional Removable USB.
HD Ready or Full HD (Recommended)
500mm x 500mm
HDMI Out USB 2.0 (Port x 4). Mini USB. IO (Port x3). DC Power Jack (24V)