Automatic Shuttle Conveyor

Description:This unit is used to redirect flow of PCBs into the different channel in a SMT production line.


  • Surrounded with covers to ensure highest level of safety.
  • Sturdy and stable design.
  • User friendly “touch panel” control panel.
  • Swift, smooth and precise movements.
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment.
  • SMEMA compatible.
  • Single lane or dual lane is specified by customer. (for dual lane, customer can specify that one lane/conveyor    is fixed and another lane/conveyor is movable, or both two lanes/conveyors are movable.)
  • The width of the machine can be specified by customer


Size M L XL M XL
Model PTK-250 PTK-350 PTK-460 PTK-D250 PTK-D350
PCB Size (mm) 80 x 50~330 x 250 80 x 50~460 x 350 80 x 50~510 x 460 80 x 50~330 x 250 80 x 50~460 x 350
Conveyor Height 900±20 900±20 900±20 920±20 920±20
Dimension (mm) 540 (L) 540 (L) 540 (L) 1000 1000
Specified by customer, or confirmed the size according to SMT production line.
Cycle Time Depend on the distance the conveyor shuttled
Power 1∮220V, Max.150VA
Board Thickness Min.0.6 mm