Dust Remover

Description:This unit is used for removing dust, particles, glass fiber & etc on bare PCB’s surface.


  • High quality ionizing air knives and brushes/adhesive paper to ensure the good capabilities for dust removing.
  • Total of 3 cleaning steps:

– Brush (Cleaning)

– Adhesive Roller (Cleaning)

– Ionizing air knives (Anti-static processing)

  • Conveyor speed and brush speed are adjustable.
  • Vacuum negative press cleaner is for cleaning the dust on the brush.
  • Sturdy and stable design.
  • User friendly “touch panel” control panel.
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment.
  • SMEMA compatible.

Specifications ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Model PTCC-350A
Cleaning Method Brush + Adhesive Roller + Ionizing air knives
PCB Size (mm) 80 x 50 ~ 500 x 380
Conveyor Height (mm) 900±20
Dimension (mm) 650 (L)
1250 (H)
Weight (kg) 145
Power Supply 1∮220V, Max.300VA
Board Thickness 0.7 ~ 3 mm
Flow Direction Left to Right. Optional: Right to Left